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Trading robot — you know ?! And so it was possible ?!

At a certain stage of working with the exchange, I started using robots for trading. There is nothing difficult in downloading a robot (bot) or using cloud services.

I will list the functions and capabilities with which I worked myself. Consider the type of robots that need to be installed on a PC or cloud service, since the bot will not work when the PC is turned off. Since the bot was bought to work out a trading strategy, before choosing the one that suits me, I read many pages of the forum, but in general, a cloud robot can handle all the basic functionality.

The strategy worked out on them.

You set the parameters of the profit ratio, the step of placing orders and the robot will follow the price. When buying, it narrows the price corridor between the expensive purchase and the sell rate, taking into account the profit (benefit). With frequent price fluctuations, the robot makes more than 20 transactions, during the period in which you manually process only two.

It is also a very interesting function when the robot itself makes purchases, focusing on market changes.

In order to try a robot on your exchange, you need to study the information on the exchange and on the network about the robots available to you, register, set a key for private operations and you can use your bot.

There are a lot of varieties of robots. It is important to initially study the information about its work, functionality and the platform that provides the service.

Study the training materials and your solutions will bring you profit.

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