RollerCoin- Overview. Earn cryptocurrency without investment.

Today’s topic is a mining simulator, the RollerCoin game, although it is a game, makes it possible to mine and withdraw cryptocurrency without having to invest.

The gameplay looks very simple.

Initially, you have one room to accommodate miners and your own game character, in the future, if necessary, you can purchase another room.

Also, your character has a personal computer, it is improved by playing various arcade games in the appropriate tab.

What is it for? (improve your character’s personal computer)

Playing arcades, after completing a short round, you get a little Hashes as a reward, you get them for a limited time, depending on the computer level of your game character.

The computer of the first level will mine for you only a day, for each round played.

After playing about 70 rounds, this is about an hour of playing time, the computer improves to the maximum level, and saves Heshes not 24 hours, but seven days.

To maintain the maximum level of the computer, you need to play 1 round in 24 hours.

Also, for each round played, you are credited with a certain amount of Satoshi from the list of currencies you mine.

The received power, summed up for each game and for one game hour, accumulates approximately 50000Th / s, thus playing for a week every day for an hour in a traffic jam, you will maintain the power of your production at 350000Th / s, and this is judging by the comment of one of my subscribers , enough to purchase your first miner

which produces a certain amount of Heshes regardless of whether you are playing arcades or not.

Review at the request of the referral sponsor.
Play mining platform. By playing simple games, like Arkanoid, you can mine some coins to choose from (there is bitcoin, ether, dogs and rollertoken — the site’s coin, for which you can buy ASICs on the site). I do not play everything, but enough not to get tired of one and that de igruhi. In the course of the game, the levels of difficulty grow, but I can’t say that it becomes more difficult to play) Even at the maximum level of 10–3 in a row — it’s easy. For the game, he throws hashes very robustly and the higher the level, the greater the reward. The cool thing is that you can quickly swing your gaming computer to the maximum, literally in 2 hours. The level of the computer keeps a day, the extracted power for a week. It is very easy to maintain a normal hash rate by playing for 20–30 minutes a day. You play more — you get hashes for each game. In general, it’s cool))) For a week of the game I bought my first ASIC, so far the simplest. I get a rollertoken to buy an ASIC from the top line for a promotion — not easy, but interesting. Threw in nothing. All good!)

I bought my first miner for $ 1.3 (I checked the game with Donat)) transferred several DOGEs to my balance and converted them into RollerToken to purchase the miner.

The whole operation took no more than 15 minutes.

You can use the received power from your rounds in arcades and miners to mine four types of coins:

BTC, ETH, DOGE and RollerToken for which the purchase of miners and racks for their placement is carried out.

To install the first miner, you also need to purchase and install a rack to install it, and empty bookshelves behind the character’s back are not suitable for this.

All these coins can be mined either one at a time or at the same time by setting their percentage.

You can change the mining settings once every twelve hours and only in two currencies at a time.

Here you can see your share of the block reward, the more power you send to mining, a particular coin, the higher your block reward, respectively.

The Electricity tab tells you about the network charge level for the miner to work, you need to update every four days by pressing the Recharge key,
otherwise your miner will be idle.

The Game tab opens a catalog of available arcades, at the end of the round, press the Giant Power key and the prize Hahses will be credited to your balance.

The platform provides access through the browser HERE, works equally well on PCs, smartphones and tablets, unfortunately there is no application for the AppStore and PlayMarket yet.

Don’t waste your time and your decisions will bring you profit.

You can register in the game HERE and 1000 Satoshi BTC to your balance.



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