HOLD — you know ?! Or — how to make money without trading?

If you do not want to delve into trading, but want to invest in cryptocurrency, then here is another way to make a profit.

Previously, only certain services, and now many exchanges, provide an opportunity to narrow your assets at interest. How to do it?

The easiest way is to study the exchange interface and you will probably find similar offers. Look what assets are suitable for investing in a specific project, for how long the interest payment is calculated, i.e. for what period and in what currency, you will receive payments. Be sure to study the information about the assets that you are going to acquire, and the asset in which you will be paid. Do not purchase those assets that you have not studied.

Sometimes, investment orders are created for assets with low attractiveness. This is often done for further manipulation of the course. Let’s imagine that the price will go up sharply, and your sell order is not placed, since the asset is frozen in the investment project.

The scale of projects affects their viability. Consider this fact.
Invest in projects whose ideas are clear to you and your decisions will bring you profit.

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Alex Rahmanin

Alex Rahmanin

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