“Hamsters” — you know? Or why some people almost always make money.

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“A hamster is a trader who buys up often cheap assets in the hope of selling them in the future.”

In the early stages of trading, being a hamster is even interesting.

I’ll tell you why. On small exchanges, there are many tokens at bargain prices. No wonder these assets are called shit-coins. The beauty of them is that by placing a buy order worth $ 10, you spend a minimum of money, and sometimes buy colossal volumes. Naturally, if you bought a token at the price of 1 satoshi, then by setting the price 2–5 times higher, you have a chance to increase your balance several times, you just need to wait for the minimum movement of the rate. Everything looks great if you have carefully analyzed the token, it is active and conducts activity, including the health of the site. If you read in the chat of your exchange or learned from some other sources that do not have a clear justification for the price movement for you, then most likely you succumb to the manipulation of a larger hamster who wants to artificially stir up interest in an asset on the platform and sell it at an inflated price … In this case, you run the risk of buying a “dead horse”. Take your time and analyze.

When choosing such a trading strategy, I recommend buying no more than $ 10, this will help you get your hands on and look around.

Accumulate wisely and your decisions will bring you profit.

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