ExpressCrypto-Overview. We earn cryptocurrency without investment.

Today, I will share with you my impressions.

Exploring the Internet for something interesting, periodically

I come across this service as it is useful to me, I think

useful to you too.

Often on the Internet, we come across offers to collect free

cryptocurrencies or participation in various events, such as filling out

tests and installation of applications on a smartphone for a reward in cryptocurrency.

A number of questions arise:

Very interesting, of course, but not enough to spend time on

registration, you may have to provide your personal data and wallet details.

And after that, the question itself remains on the surface, how much do you need to participate in a lottery or other project in order to reach the minimum threshold for withdrawing funds?

Usually you have to spend several days to withdraw funds, and if you do not like the conditions of the distribution, you cannot withdraw what is already

earned and often such projects remain unpaid tabs in our browser.

The same picture in projects with pay per click and ad view,

pay per click 2–3 cents is sometimes much higher, and the withdrawal threshold is several dollars.

If, you like everything, and threshold payments are quickly recruited,

but you realized that this is not yours, then most likely the earned will remain on the project’s balance sheet.

Sometimes projects simply close for a number of reasons.

How ExpressCrypto helps me take pay:

Most clicker services and cryptocurrency distributors have a function — to pay a reward to your ExpressCrypto balance. This means that your service will not wait for the threshold payment, but will immediately pay any reward (even 1 satoshi) to the balance

ExpressCrypto without waiting for block generation and commissions.

This is obviously a service that makes things easier.

To use ExpressCrypto,

register HERE

Copy your unique ID on the main page of the service in the Dashboard tab

Your Unique ID: Ec-Userid-123456

Go to the distribution page or advertising service

In the withdrawal settings, find the ExpressCrypto item,

paste your unique ID there and save the changes.

Robots for collecting rewards sometimes require you to select a payment method, service balance or ExpressCrypto before launching, of course, move the slider or select the desired item before launching the bot.

Pay attention to minimum payout thresholds, commission fees and your decisions will bring you profit.

My tools:

ExpressCrypto Multi micro crypto currency wallet)

Autofaucet A platform for collecting rewards, a bot for collecting and clicks for earning cryptocurrency.

Cryptolovers, Expressfaucet, Firefaucet, Freebitz.

Areas for collecting awards in automatic mode.



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