Ethereum (ETH) — you know ?!

For me, Ethereum is, first of all, a smart contract, i.e. a smart contract confirming the fulfillment of the conditions laid down in it, as well as with the possibility of fulfilling the terms of payment or the agreement of the parties without the participation of third parties and outside interference.
This technology alone can turn the world around. It is used in logistics for accounting of ships, movement of goods and other aspects. Without much effort and expense, everyone can independently issue their own token on the basis of ETH and use it.

Large community and a steady stream of news. There is an opinion that ETH may become cheaper, but in my opinion, it has gained a sufficient mass of supporting projects to at least move after the price of bitcoin, of course, in proportion. Follow the development of smart contracts in younger projects with ETH in your portfolio.

Analyze technologies and your decisions will bring you profit.

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Alex Rahmanin

Alex Rahmanin

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