CryptoTab Browser- Overview.
We earn cryptocurrency without investment

CryptoTab Browser with Bitcoin mining function.

In the process of writing an article about Mining, I installed a lot of different software and infected the browser with an ad virus. A quick scan with an antivirus, gave no visible results.
I set the task to reinstall the operating system and replace the HDD with an SSD, for more adequate laptop operation. Before reinstalling, I installed this product for a test on a “dirty OS”, in short, at the moment this is my main browser, on a laptop and a smartphone on IOS.

Here are my observations:

  • On a loaded system with mining mode enabled, the browser loads many times faster than my usual colored friend. I use a rather “tight” device with four gigabytes of RAM, and therefore the amount of RAM consumed by the browser is a very important parameter for me.
    This is the first plus, the browser is very smart. I changed the operating system and hard drive. I checked the browser operation on the old system and HDD, unloaded all history, bookmarks and chrome extensions into the new browser, started mining to the maximum and performed daily tasks for 6–8 hours.
    Production rates before reinstalling 25–45 H / s after reinstalling 480–510 H / s, I think this is due to replacing the HDD with an SSD. At a profit for 8 hours of work, about 50 satoshi.

I also tried versions for IOS, available versions: free with a built-in ad blocker and a paid pro version with the same blocker, and also with a cross-server mining function.
Bitcoin mining is carried out in such a browser not due to the power of your smartphone, but due to traffic analysis. For the miner to work, you do not need to close the browser, you can keep it in the tray. For the production of 25–40 H / s, the joint profit of two devices is from 50 to 100 satoshi per day.

Important factors identified in the course of work:

all chrome extensions such as Metamask are installed.
Built-in ad blocker.
Synchronizes with Google accounts in the same way as chrome.
A very smart browser.
Here is such a tab bar.

Miner with mining intensity settings.

There is a minus, but it is rather reputational. When downloading, the antivirus swears, and this is somehow not very sensible. I checked the software for hidden functions and there are no miners.
Official site HERE, I recommend.
Use comfortable interfaces and your decisions will bring you profit.



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