Cloud mining Minex — a quick overview. We earn cryptocurrency without investment.

Today we will consider the possibility of making a profit using cloud mining without investment.

I chose this project to present to you because I use it myself

A little about Minex

Service interface in two languages English and Russian.

Mined coins:

XMR Monero

TRX Tron

BTC Bitcoin

BCH Bitcoin Cash

LTC Litecoin

and loved everywhere DOGE

Minex allows you to mine only one currency of your choice at a time.

You can change your mind by stopping the miner with the mined coin and start the one you are interested in.

The type of production contract is fixed-term, for a period of seven months.

The site provides more Gh / s than sites with perpetual contracts, but only for seven months from the date of payment.

The minimum amount for the purchase of power is 10 cents.

Payment is accepted in cryptocurrency and fiat currencies.

There is also a reinvestment function, that is, buying Gh / s

from the miner’s balance.


3000Gh / s for registration without the need to make a deposit.

From 10–70Gh / s hourly power distribution in the Bonus tab.

Referral bonus for an invited friend 50Gh / s for registration,

and a 14% deposit bonus when replenishing the balance with your referrals.

Now practice:

By registering a week ago, I received a bonus of 3000Gh / s

For another ten dollars I got 25000Gh / s

Referral charges another 1650Gh / s

Sometimes when collecting a reward in the bonus tab, I received another 1361,06Gh / s

At the time of this writing, my power is 31011.16 Gh / s

And during this time I mined 27.2 TRX

A lot or a little in a week with an investment of 150 TRX.

For mining at low power rpm, I chose TRX as,

the lower payout threshold is 200TRX, a completely achievable threshold even without investment.

According to my personal assessment, this service is good for beginner miners and investors with a small amount of funds. And also the contract for seven months is a good opportunity to sit out the crypto winter. That is, by the time the market starts to thaw, you will have new assets.

Periods of stopping price growth and deep market correction are the best times to invest in cryptocurrency.

HERE you can read my article on mining and what other mining services I use.

Be curious and your decisions will bring you profit.

My tools:

MinEx , Bitland .Cloud mining without investing.



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