Blockchain -you know ?! Simple about difficuld.

Much has been said about blockchain in terms and controversy mixed with rumors. Someone believes, someone considers it a soap bubble. But if you are not yet familiar with this technology, it’s time to learn about it.

This is how I see the blockchain.

Contrary to popular belief, blockchain is not only cryptocurrencies, even they are far from the main essence of technology. The possibilities of blockchain in the digital world are truly endless.
Blockchain technology is absolutely innovative and implemented in many processes of our life. The scale of this technology is comparable to that of the Internet. As the Internet entered our lives, blockchain technology allows many industries to develop. Security systems with the ability to recognize the faces and emotions of an attacker, logistics systems with the ability to account for the storage and movement of goods around the planet, voting systems and many other areas of our life.

The blockchain allows for open observation of everything that happens in its ecosystem, enables each user to check any actions within the registry. Forgery or replacement of this data in the register is impossible, which in turn opens up wide opportunities for open, but at the same time, secure use of data on the work of enterprises and even states. Smart contracts based on blockchain technology allow reliable and transparent cooperation and independently monitor compliance with the terms of the contract written in the blockchain. It is not possible to unilaterally change or ignore such a contract.

In any digital sphere, using the blockchain, it has become possible to create closed, thinking electronic ecosystems controlled by artificial intelligence, while the whole process remains under control, but there is no possibility of biased interference.

A person, by nature, is inclined to distrust and avoid the incomprehensible and new, all the more so that one cannot see or touch. But you can’t touch the internet! Is it worth denying the possibilities, scale and importance of blockchain technology on the cusp of the future?

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