Bitcoin (BTC) — you know ?!

Let’s see how attractive Bitcoin is or not. We remember the ups and downs of bitcoin, especially those who sold it at the bottom. Practice has shown that the one who sold the asset without waiting for a return to the price lost profit, but how to understand whether there will be this return?

We can only take into account the factors influencing the price.

Bitcoin prevalence. It is widely used as a means of payment and store of value.

It is anonymous and easy to use inside the crypto infrastructure.
Openly supported by major global companies.
The cost of mining one bitcoin exceeds its current market value.
It has existed since 2009 and so far the asset price is only growing.
At the moment, the market is preparing for a jump and the possibility of using the PayPal system of cryptocurrencies, and in particular bitcoin, will lead to universal availability. By the end of this year, we will see the results of this statement.

In my opinion, we are at the very beginning of the formation of the bitcoin price and the price will grow rapidly. It makes sense to take a closer look at this asset. I find it underestimated.

Valuate assets correctly and your decisions will bring you profit.

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